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Nowadays women stand equally as men. With the increasing scope of feminism, women are also emerging as fashion icons, pilots, doctors, business women etc. like men used to in the past.

Women are most enthusiastic about the manner they look in their dressing, accessories, and shoes etc. Women are more interested in shopping and buying clothes and Jewelry than men. Women’s apparel is of different kinds of western, African and eastern wear.

In the past, the trend of western wear was much more than the eastern wear, but as soon as the Indian cloth stores began to introduce new ideas and launch their collection, east India wear started to become popular among women of every region.

Indian Clothing

The clothing in India is different depending on the various ethnicity, geography, and cultural traditions of the inhabitants of every area of India. Historically, female and male clothes have developed from easy Langotas, Dhoti, Saree, Gamaccha, and loincloths to pay the entire body to elaborate outfits not just utilized in everyday wear but on joyous occasions in addition to rituals and dancing performances.

In urban locations, western clothes are not uncommon and uniformly worn by men and women of all societal levels. India also offers a fantastic diversity concerning weaves fibers, colors, and substance of clothes. Occasionally, Colour codes have been followed in clothes depending on the faith and ritual worried. The Indian Cloth Store also encircles the vast array of Indian antiques, prints, handwork, embellishment, designs of sporting fabrics.

Mughal Era Clothing

Traditional eastern wear clothing history originates from the start of the 13th century as the Mughal Empire came into being. The Mughals introduced the idea of embroideries, gota work, beadwork and fancy flared frocks and ever since then these designs are used by the stylists for enhancing looks of the dress considerably.

Matching Jewellery is very important with the apparel you wear. Perfect choice of Bangle, Mangalsutra, Bracelet, Pendant, Earring, Necklace & Rings is available at Glamour Indian Wear to complete your look.

Establishment of Indian Cloth Store - GlamourIndianWear.com

The prime purpose of the establishment of well-known company Glamour Indian Wear was to make shopping easier for working women. Glamour Indian Wear is one of the leading Indian cloth store having Bollywood inspired clothing wear brands which provide kids', men’s and women’s wear.

As for the ladies, there are a variety of clothes like salwar kameez, gown, lehenga choli, sarees, kurtis and much more. So now you can quickly Buy Women attire Online at reasonable rates. The main categories which Glamour Indian Wear offers for women clothes are as below.

Female Clothing

Back in India, women's clothes vary widely and is intimately connected with the neighborhood culture, faith, and climate. Saris made from silk are thought to be the most tasteful. Mumbai, formerly called Bombay, is among India's fashion capitals. Ladies put on a sari, a long sheet of vibrant fabric, draped above a very simple or elaborate blouse. Little women put on a pavada. Both are usually patterned. Bindi is a part of women's make-up. Indo-western clothes are the combination of Subcontinental and Western style.

The conventional kind of clothes in India fluctuates with female or male distinctions. That is still prevalent in the rural regions, though is shifting from the metropolitan areas. Women before puberty wears a long skirt (known as Langa/paawada at Andhra) plus a short blouse, also called a choli, preceding it.

Clothing Selection by Females

It's the feminine prerogative to change her thoughts, to wear just what she feels comfortable in, or to select sexy and magnificent within informal and comfy. The one constant in women's fashion styles is they're always shifting, and it is partially because of the tendency of a female to groom according to her emotions. A lady's prerogative isn't to be disregarded when it comes to affecting the trajectory of where style is, and where it is going to wind up.

Ethnic Wear for Ladies

Ethnic wear is a term which represents ethnic garments of each country. Location wise each country is having its own collection of ethnic wear garments which are having numerous styles and patterns depending on their culture and tradition. Designer garments suitable for each and every occasion are made.

A lot of festivals are celebrated worldwide depending on the ethnicity of the people. So colorful clothes are made to wear on this festivals. Every country is proud of its ethnicity and culture. Clothes are the first medium to show their culture.

You can invariably identify the country name looking at the clothes of that country. Now in the time of the global revolution, people wear ethnic clothes from other countries too. Variation in daily clothing is the most favorite thing for any woman.

Indian Ethnic Styles

There are a lot of stylish outfits which fall into the Indian ethnic category. Saris, shalwar suit, ghagra choli, girls kurti, blouses, salwars, dupatta, etc. Designer outfits are made for all occasions like party, wedding, ceremony, festival, casual, evening, daily wear, etc requirements.

Age old traditions and culture inspire the designing of this clothes. Some are inspired by Bollywood fashion also. Multiple types of embroideries are used like zari, resham, threadwork, handwork, applique, etc to enhance the look and value of the clothing further.

Contemporary Clothes

In the period of 1960s and 1970s, at precisely the same time when Western-style had been adopting elements of Indian apparel, Indian style also started to consume parts of Western attire consciously. In the period of 1980s and 1990s, Western designers accepted traditional Indian crafts, fabrics, and techniques in their work at precisely the same time as Indian designers started the West to affect their work.

From the beginning of the 21st century, both Indian and Western clothes had intermingled producing a unique type of garments for the average urban Indian population. Women began wearing more comfortable clothes, and vulnerability to global fashion resulted in a combination of Indian and western styles of clothes. While girls have the option to use either Western or classic dress to operate, most Indian multinational businesses insist that male workers wear Western clothes.

Women's clothes in India nowadays include both formal and casual wear like dresses, pants, shirts and shirts. Traditional Indian clothes like the kurta have been combined with jeans to form a part of casual apparel. Fashion designers in India have united many elements of conventional Indian layouts into traditional western wear to make a unique kind of modern Indian style.

Girls Western Styles

Stylist dresses, tops, indo western, leggings, jeans, jackets, pants, etc contribute to the western style of clothing. It gives fancy and modern look to the clothes. Inspired by the western countries, it is also widely worn in India and subcontinent now. 

Indian Jewelry

The Indian subcontinent (surrounding India, Pakistan along with other nations of South Asia) includes a very long jewelry background, which went through various modifications through ethnic politics and influence for over 5,000--8,000 years.

While European customs were profoundly affected by waxing and waning of political empires, India enjoyed a constant evolution of art forms for a 5,000 years ago. Among the very first to begin jewelry manufacturing were the individuals of this Indus Valley Civilization (surrounding present-day Pakistan and north-west and northwest India). Ahead of 2100 BC, before the interval when metals were broadly utilized, the most significant jewelry trade from the Indus Valley area was that the bead trade. Beads from the Indus Valley area were created with simple techniques.

Ancient Jewelry Manufacturing

To begin with, a bead manufacturer would require a rough rock, which could be purchased from an oriental rock trader. The stone will then be placed in a hot oven in which will be heated till it turns deep red, a color highly valued by people of the Indus Valley. The reddish stone would subsequently be broken to the perfect size and also a hole drilled through it using primitive drills. The beads were finally polished. Some beads were painted with layouts. This art form has been passed down through the family. Kids of bead manufacturers frequently learned how to operate beads from a young age. Each rock had its traits related to Hinduism.

Jewelry from the Indus Valley was worn out predominantly by females, who wore many shells or clay bracelets on their wrists. With the years, clay bangles were replaced with more durable bangles. In current times in India, bangles are created from metallic or glass. Other bits that women are often wearing were thin bands of gold which would be worn around the brow, earrings, crude brooches, chokers gold rings. Although girls wore jewelry that the most, some guys in the Indus Valley wore diamonds. Little beads were usually crafted to be set for men and women's hair loss. The beads were approximately one millimeter long.

Kadais - A distinctive sort of necklace

According to Hindu belief, silver and gold are thought to be sacred metals. Gold is emblematic of the warm sunshine, while silver indicates the trendy moon. These two would be the most peculiar metals of Indian jewelry. Pure gold does not oxidize or rust with time, and that's why Hindu tradition partners gold using immortality. Gold imagery often happens in early Indian literature.

From the Hindu view of cosmological production, the origin of physical and religious human existence originated in and evolved by a gold uterus (Hiranyagarbha) or walnut, a metaphor of the sun, whose light rises in the primordial oceans.

Indian Jewelry & Royalty

Jewelry had good standing with India's royalty; it had been so powerful that they found legislation, limiting wearing of jewelry into royalty. Only empire and a couple of other people to whom they gave consent could use gold ornaments on their toes. This would ordinarily be considered breaking up the appreciation of these sacred metals.

Though nearly majority of  Indian population wore jewelry, Maharajas and individuals related to royal family had a more profound link with ornament. The Maharaja's function was so significant that the Hindu philosophers recognized him as fundamental to the smooth functioning of the earth. He had been regarded as a celestial being, a deity in human form, whose duty was to conserve and safeguard dharma, the moral order of this world.

Women Jewelry

There are basically three types of jewelry. Precious, Imitation & Fashion Jewelry.

The jewelry made from real diamonds, gold, platinum fall under the previous category. Cheap metals jewelry is called imitation jewelry. Fancy modern designs made of silver or alloy fall under fashion jewels category.

All three types are favorite with ladies depending on the event they want to wear. Glamour Indian Wear offers latest collections of all three types.

Catalogs Collection

Glamour Indian Wear brings the latest collection from hundreds of brands to the world. Innumerous styles and patterns for all types of women fashion. Whether it is the ethnic design or the western style. Jewelry or accessories. Everything needed for women's wardrobe.

Designers are exhaustively working to bring something new and innovative for the needs of the modern girl. With the changing of the times and technological advancement, ladies have become more aware of the clothing. Fashion has changed and so the culture. New wardrobes are created with all the latest stuff.

Online Ordering

With the internet revolution and the time constraint, online shopping has become a new normal. If you go to a shop, you can see limited designs. Online you can see thousands of designs. So more flexibility of selection.

Another advantage is shopping can be done in your drawing room at your convenience. Standard delivery times & returns policy are other plus points.

What services are provided to the customers?

Glamour Indian Wear not only presents a wide collection of trendy outfits but also provides unlimited customer care support. Some of which are 24/7 support, 7-day return policy, discounts and sales, newsletters and much more. So whenever you want Dresses and Women clothes then explore GlamourIndianWear.com.